Mit der Mystery-Serie Resurrection – Season 2 geht es jetzt in die 2. Runde. In dieser Staffel geht das Phänomen mit den wiederkehrenden Menschen weiter, darunter eine, die das Gesicht der Stadt für immer verändern wird.

Resurrection, Season 2 (subtitled)

Resurrection, Season 2 (subtitled)

„What happens when someone that you’ve mourned and buried mysteriously appears at your doorstep as if not a single day has gone by? The lives of the people of Arcadia, Missouri were changed forever when their deceased loved ones miraculously returned, causing them to confront the emotional complexities of their relationships. This season the phenomenon continues as the town is emerged with more resurrected towns people – including one who will change the face of the town forever.“

Informationen zur TV Serie Resurrection, Season 2 (subtitled):

Genre: Drama
Erschienen: 28. September 2014
Sender: © 2014 ABC Studios
FSK: ab 12 Jahren

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